Case report: Look at my eyes


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Migraine, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Autism spectrum disorder, Children, Adolescent


The comorbidity of migraine and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) still remain unclear. In spite of plausible evidences of such comorbidity, there is a scarcity of populational studies focusing this hypothesis. The diagnosis of migraine in children with ASD is very challenge due to the large clinical heterogeneity and limited communication skills, particularly verbal abilities in young children and those with intellectual disability. ASD and migraine are chronic prevalent disorders sharing some pathophysiological changes (neurotransmission dysregulation, altered immune response, abnormal findings in the cortical minicolumn organization, and dysfunctions in the gut–brain axis), susceptibility genes (including calcium channel mutations and polymorphisms), and atypical sensory processing. Herein, we take advantage of a prototypical case of an adolescent with episodic migraine transformed to chronic, not responsive to preventive treatment, to explore the diagnostic workup and successful personalized clinical and therapeutical management.


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