Reviewer Guidelines

Your opinion must be written and sent to the editor and authors.

The reviewer must evaluate the manuscript and provide his or her critical opinion respectfully and constructively, identifying possible strengths and weaknesses to improve the text's quality for the desired publication.

Consider in review:

  • Does the title clearly describe the article?
  • By reading the abstract, is it possible to clearly understand the study's objective, method, results (with succinct data), and conclusion? Is it possible to identify the type of study in the abstract or title of the work?
  • In the introduction, does the author describe the importance of the subject to be reported, the justification for the study, and the objective, question, and hypothesis to be studied?
  • Does the method explain data collection, equipment, and materials used, and was the clinical, surgical, or experimental procedure detailed sequentially? Does the data analysis agree with the work's question, objective, and hypothesis?
  • Are the results presented clearly and coherently with the objectives, experimental design, and what will be shown in conclusion? Was the statistical analysis adequate and interpreted correctly? Are the tables and figures acceptable and self-explanatory?
  • Are the discussion and conclusion supported by the results and also supported by the literature?
  • Are the citations and references good, up-to-date (last ten years), including the works with the most significant impact in the area, and do they follow the Headache Medicine format?