History and Vision

Headache Medicine has been published since 2010 and was previously published under the title Migrâneas e Cefaleias since 1994.

Previous editors were: Edgard Raffaelli Junior (1994-1995), Jose Geraldo Speciali (1996-2002), Carlos Alberto Bordini (1996-1997), Abouch Valenty Krymchantowsky (2002-2004) Pedro André Kowacs and Paulo H. Monzillo (2004 -2007), Fernando Kowacs (2008-2013), Marcelo Moraes Valença (2014-current).

In 2019 editor-in-chief Marcelo Moraes Valença and Mario Fernando Prieto Peres restructured the editorial board of the magazine (nationally and internationally), with new associate editors named. Its format has also been renewed, following the modern editorial trends, with the continuous online publication of the approved articles, allowing the submission of images, videos, and specific sections, which are aligned with the Brazilian Headache Society committees.

We understand then that with this new orientation of the magazine we can adapt to the indexing in the main databases. With the focus on ensuring technical standards consistent with the indexing requirements, in the near future we envision a solid journal, with international repercussion, with classical and alternative science metrics among leading journals in the area, contributing to the advancement of headache science. and orofacial pain. Also positioning Brazil and Latin America as an important pole of knowledge production.