Headache catastrophization and its relationship with disability, depression, anxiety, stress and sleep quality





catastrophization, headache, migraine disorder, anxiety, depression


Cross-sectional studies on headache have not yet explored the influence of pain catastrophizing and associations with other psychosomatic comorbidities. The migraine-affected group of individuals was frequently associated with other clinical conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, and poor sleep quality. These conditions exert a significant influence on carrier’s coping with daily pain and helplessness, since disability hampers work and daily living activities and overly burden individual, their family, society and the health system. Identifying the elements that contribute to disability is crucial in assisting interventions that minimize these conditions.
The aim of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate how the combination of migraine and catastrophizing, associated with functional disability, depression, anxiety, stress, and sleep quality in college students, can influence the perception of pain.
The 340 participants were selected by drawing lots, in which individuals with primary headaches were assigned. Therefore, the final analysis sample consisted of 288 individuals. The sample was divided into Group with migraine and Group with other primary headaches, with the application of scales: HIT-6 and the scale of pain catastrophizing.
Of the 360 participants, 20 losses were recorded due to inadequate completion of scales, leaving out 340 participants. Of these, 52/340 (15.25%) did not suffer from headaches. 288/340 (84.7%) participants that reported headaches were included in this study, of which 133/288 (46.2%) had migraine, and 155/288 (53.8%) had non-migraine headache. Women who had migraine attacks were those with the most intense anxious symptoms, worse sleep quality, and catastrophization. The odds ratio of catastrophizing was higher for the Migraine Group. Linear and multivariate logistic regression revealed that the greater the presence of catastrophizing, the greater the occurrence of migraine. Catastrophizing had a greater power of contribution related to the disability generated by the crises in the group of migrainous (β = 0.564). The migraine group has a greater perception of pain.
Higher catastrophization was also associated with a greater intensity of depressive and anxiety symptoms, higher perceived stress, and worse quality of sleep in headache-affected individuals in our study.


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