Synopsis on the paper "Acute migraine in pregnancy: Therapeutic opportunities"


  • Eliana Meire Melhado Fundação Padre Albino



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Acute migraine is a debilitating pain crisis for which there are several therapeutic options, although no single universally effective prescription. When the migraine attack occurs in pregnant women, the pharmacological treatment options are very limited and a complex situation arises, in which to do or not to do have potential implications. The fear of possible damage to the fetus by the mother or the physician and the effect of recurrent and severe pain on the pregnant woman do not have a unidirectional response. For most drugs, the real risk potential in pregnancy has not been established, and suffering from chronic or recurrent pain also has potential adverse effects on pregnancy. This often leads to inaction or to the prescription of medication that is not necessarily useful. Pain should be treated effectively in all circumstances and pregnancy is no exception. This paper reviews the available options for the treatment of migraine attacks that may be used in pregnant women.


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Eliana Meire Melhado, Fundação Padre Albino

Doutora e Mestre em Ciências Médicas, Docente de Neurologia da Fundação Padre Albino, Faculdade de Medicina de Catanduva, Catanduva, SP, Brazil




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