The physician and migraine: knowledge and procedures on an emergency care service

Publicado na 1ª edição de 2013

Objective: This study analysed a group of emergency room doctors from a mid-size Brazilian town knowlegde about migraine and how they provide care for XXX acute migraine patients. Methods: This qualitative study used instruments such as the Sample – Identification and Stratification Card and the Semi-Structured Interview Roadmap, based on the International Headache Society set of criteria for headache diagnosis and the Brazilian Headache Society acute migraine attacks treatment recommendations. Results: In this townemergency rooms the attendance to patients with acute migrane is frequent. According to the interviewees, most patients tend to overestimate their pain. On the other hand the physicians affirm that themselves tend to underestimate their patient pain. According to the interviewees there is a relationship between migraine and psychological disorders, and their patients need special services, including suitable care facilities. It is also notable that there is no established criteria regarding drug treatment options, as well as complementary tests or hospitalization. Conclusion: This study shows deficiencies in acute migraine patients emergency care and in physicians' knowledge regarding this disease. 

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