Sodium warfarin as a therapeutic option for Chronic Cluster Headache: report of three cases

Introduction: There is no satisfactory therapy for the chronic form of Cluster Headache. Since of the incapacitating condition resulting from the repetitive episodes of Cluster Headache, to reduce the frequency of the cluster periods or even the length of the periods could be seen as the objectives of the treatment. Objectives: To report the therapeutic effect of varfarin in the control of Cluster Headache. Methods: Three cases of Chronic and refractory Cluster Headache, who benefited from varfarin therapy are described. Results: Varfarin showed to be effective not only in the control of the Cluster Headache episodes but also in the interruption of the chronicity of the condition. Conclusion: Warfarin use is not only possible but maybe warranted in the therapy of Chronic Cluster headache.

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