Psychiatric comorbidities in patients with primary headache

Publicado na 1ª edição de 2013

This study sought to conduct a non-systematic review of publications related to headache and psychiatric comorbidity. It is noted that headache has several comorbidities, including depression and anxiety. About 30% of headache patients have depression and 60% have anxiety symptoms. It is believed that the pathophysiology of headache may be conducive to the development of these  comorbidities. Furthermore, the discomfort and pain caused by headaches that often limits the patient ability to perform activities ofdaily living also act as predisposing factors for these comorbidities. It is also emphasized the importance of adequate knowledge about these symptoms and comorbidities by the doctor in order to facilitate the diagnosis and offer effective treatment in controlling and/or remission of the symptoms. In this context, this study seeks to provide information based on studies of headache patients in orderto describe the current treatments and new discoveries concerning headache, thus promoting better understanding of said pathology as well as the impacts of their comorbidities and strategies that will enable better quality of life for patients living with frequent headaches.

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