Primary headache in obesity: current aspects and metabolic

Publicado na 2ª edição de 2008

Migraine and obesity are highly prevalent disturbs in general population, but little is known about their association. Obesity and migraine are risk factors for stroke and cardiovascular diseases and obesity seems to interfere in the natural history of migraine. This review article was realized based on a Pubmed search using the key words "headache" and "obesity". Twohundred and sixty nine articles were found, but only 9 studies focused in the association between headache and obesity as the primary outcome and are described in this review. Obesity has an important place on insulin resistance or "metabolic syndrome", which includes hiperinsulinemia, hypertension, hiperlipidemia, elevated risk for diabetes mellitus type 2 and increased risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The metabolic syndrome is a pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic state that can contribute to the development and progression of headache. Little is known about the prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome in childhood. Studies performed by our group showed that obese children and teenagers presented higher frequency of headache when compared with normal weight subjects. On the other hand, we did not identify any association between metabolic syndrome and headache frequency.

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