Obesity and migraine progression: Evidence and associations

Publicado na 1ª edição de 2007

Introduction/Context: Migraine and obesity are associated in many aspects. First, both are prevalent and disabling conditions, influenced by biological and environmental risk factors. Second, migraine with aura and obesity are risk factors for cardiovascular disorders. Finally, large population studies suggest that obesity is a risk factor for chronic migraine, after adjusting for comorbidities. Objectives: To discuss the possible mechanisms of interaction between migraine and obesity. Methods: Review article. Results/Conclusions: Obesity increases the levels of several inflammatory markers of migraine pathophysiology, including cytokines and CGRP. These markers may elevate the frequency, severity and duration of migraine per se. The adiponectins are decreased in obesity and, at low levels, are nociceptive. Finally, shared biological predisposition may be of importance. The orexins are important in specific metabolic pathways, as well as in pain modulation. Dysfunction in the orexin pathways may be a risk factor for both conditions.

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