New daily-persistent headache and International Headache Society criteria: A retrospective analysis of 62 patients

Publicado na 3ª edição de 2007

Introduction. New Daily-Persistent Headache (NDPH) is described as a type of daily headache that becomes continuous in a short period of time (a maximum of three days). As any newly recognised headache condition, there is a paucity of reports. Therefore, its characteristics in different populations must be further described. Objectives. To describe the characteristics of NDPH in a Brazilian out-patient population. Methods. Sixty-two patients with a diagnosis of New Daily- Persistent Headache (NDPH), out of 1,348 records of outpatients regularly cared for at the Headache Clinic of Irmandade da Santa Casa de São Paulo - Brazil, had their charts reviewed. Results. Clinical characteristics were: female gender 58.1%; whole head pain=72.6%; moderate/strong intensity=93.6% and throbbing quality=43.5%. Of the 62 patients with the diagnosis of NDPH, only 19.4% did not have any clinical improvement when submitted to treatment. Diagnostic exams carried out in 56.5% of the patients contributed very little to the detection of an underlying organic substrate. Conclusion. Our results conflicted with those of the literature and with the IHS 2004 criteria regarding pain intensity, pain quality and the associated phenomena, isolated or in combinations. Perhaps the NDPH IHS 2004 diagnostic criteria should be revised.

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