International Headache Society criteria (IHC-2003) What will be change in the primary headaches classification?

Headache is one of the most common medical complaints of humankind, accounting for more than 18 million outpatient visits per year in the United States. Over 1% of physician’s office visits and emergency department are primarily for headaches. History taking is considered to be the key for diagnosing headaches. Pain and associated symptoms are subjective and must be described by the patient. Since patients are not always good historians, clinicians will need to spend time taking a precise history. In 1988 the International Headache Society (IHS) introduced a new diagnostic criteria for headache disorders (Headache Classification of the International Headache Society, 1988). The first paper published after this classification was from Spain group that studied the influence of the flunarizine (Sibelium (R)) in the prophylaxis of migraine. After this initial paper many others were published utilizing this classification. Further gathered information and the identification of new headaches lead to several proposals for additions and changes in the initial IHS classification.

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