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Low-level laser therapy for migraine
Marcio Rafael de Araujo Siega Welber Sousa Oliveira
Modula Dor Clinic, Headache Outpatient Clinic, Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for the treatment of nociceptive, neuropathic, and musculoskeletal pain has
been studied. To investigate its effectiveness in migraine, we used Medical Subject Headings terms in
PubMed and found 5925 articles on LLLT since 1994. On using the term “pain,” we found 490 articles
since 2002. However, we only found one article using the terms “LTTT” and “migraine.” We greatly
appreciate the study by Loeb et al
, which was conducted in Brazil. It compared treatment using bo-
tulinum toxin A with LLLT in patients with chronic migraine (CM) and demonstrated that both treatments
are effective against CM. They followed the recommendations of the International Headache Society
for research on CM and compared LTTT to an approved migraine treatment.
Unlike other treatments and drugs proven to be effective against migraine, LTTT is non-invasive, safe,
and inexpensive. Additionally, it can be a component of the interdisciplinary treatment of CM. Allo-
dynia is very common in patients with CM and can be a therapeutic target.
This is because similar to
botulinum toxin, it reduces central sensitization by modulating nociceptive transmission.
We would like to highlight this article and draw attention to the lack of studies on the use of LLLT in
patients with migraine. While the evidence of its benet in acute and chronic neck pain exists
, future
studies should assess its effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of migraine.
Author Contributions: MRAS - Preparation, writing, editing and supervision of the original, WSO -
Writing, editing and supervision of the original
Conflict of interest: None
Funding: No
Marcio Rafael de Araujo Siega
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Received: January 15, 2021
Accepted: March 30,2021
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