Expansion of listening experience with use of the PRACTICE tool for voluntary assistance of patients with chronic orofacial pain

Publicado na 4ª edição de 2013

Background and Objectives: Chronic pain affects approximately 30% of the world population and requires considerable insight to the doctor to confirm a diagnosis which would establish relations between expressions painful and what is behind them. This paper aims to describe the experience of a group of medical students, in enlargement exercise of listening to patients with chronic pain. Method: Experience report of medical students who were entered in a multidisciplinary team and met as volunteers for more than two years, patients with chronic pain, using series of interviews as the tool PRACTICE. Results: PRACTICE proved useful tool to guide the interview, which required more time when compared to an interview without their use. Students felt more prepared to address patient with chronic pain in their future professional practice. Conclusion: The expansion of listening should be considered for treatment of patients with chronic pain and should be encouraged even in the period of medical training. PRACTICE The tool can assist the expansion of listening to patients with chronic pain.

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