Epidemiological survey of headache in the period from 1998 to 2008 in the backland of Pernambuco – Brazil

Publicado na 2ª edição de 2008

Objective: To accomplish through a epidemiological survey the frequency of headache during a period of ten years. Method: This is a retrospective study with analysis of the headache complains of all the patients who were attended at the Service of Neurology between 1998 and 2008. 19.900 patients (59.74% women) with headache were enrolled in this study. Results:The predominant age was between 21 and 50 years (45.45%). The primary headaches were identified in 81.73% of the patients. Amongst these, the episodic tension-type headache (60.30%), chronic tension- type headache (21.12%), and migraine (11.70%) were the more frequently found. Stress was reported as a precipitating factor by 46.91% of the individuals. The depression occurred in 5.86%, while anxiety in 22.89% of the subjects. A good response to preventive treatment was observed by 53.39% of the patients. 28.08% of the patients referred analgesic abuse. Exclusively menstrual headache occurred in 13.11% of the women. Sinusopathy and oralmaxillofacial injuries were associates to the headache in 3.48% and 2.15% of the patients, respectively. Conclusion: The headache is predominant in women, worsening with stress, positive familiar history, improves with regular physical exercise and answers to the prophylaxis. Therefore, the analgesic abuse can be prevented through campaigns of prevention of the headache, since it meets in the list of the pathologies that more bring personal and financial damages.

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