Cross-cultural adaptation of the Brazilian Portuguese version of Quality of Life Headache-Youth (QLH-Y) Questionnaire

Publicado na 2ª edição de 2013

Objectives: To translate into Portuguese, culturally adapt and validate the Quality of Life Headache - Youth (QLH-Y), assessing its reliability through internal consistency of its items in a sample of adolescents of both sexes, attending public schools in the city of Recife. Methods: The original instrument was translated from English into Portuguese, generating a synthetic consensus. The Portuguese version of the instrument was back translated, and then developed a pre-final version for a field test. After the suitability of the instrument into Portuguese was conducted a pilot study with 100 students. Results: The findings of the internal consistency of the Brazilian version were very good, with the alpha value of 0.906 (greater than 0.7) indicating a degree high internal consistency. Conclusion: The Portuguese version of QLH - Y has an excellent internal consistency and a good understanding of its items for cross-cultural adaptation in the city of Recife.

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