CLassification of the Headaches: a brief historic review

Publicado na 4ª edição de 2006

Introduction: Although the international classification of headache is recent, in our view the attempts to classify headache (or at least to separate it into primary and secondary headache) date back a long time, even if such attempts were made empirically. Objectives: This paper had the aim of making a brief historical survey of the attempts to classify headache over the years, up to the present classification. Methods: A brief review of the literature available was made. This was analyzed and its principal features have been noted. Conclusions: Although the attempts to classify headache began a very long time ago, the real first step was taken in 1962. The international classification of headache has to maintain a commitment towards sensitivity and specificity, and it always needs to be updated in keeping with advances in knowledge regarding the physiopathology and genetics of primary headache. It would be helpful if this classification were used by all health professionals with an interest in treating headache.

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