Childhood headache: initial treatment and forwarding of cases

Publicado na 4ª edição de 2006

Introduction: Primary headaches are frequent in childhood and are usually seen by Paediatricians, who give the initial treatment and forward the case to other specialists, if they consider it to be necessary. Objective: To assess the initial treatment and the forwarding of cases of childhood headache by Paediatricians in the city of Santos. Methods: Individual interviews with fifty Paediatricians who see to at least one case of childhood headache per month. Results: Despite often seeing primary headaches and agreeing that migraine and tension type headache were the most frequent diagnosis, around half of the Paediatricians still have out-of-date concepts, such as suggesting alterations of the diet and forwarding the case mainly to the Ophthalmologist. Conclusions: It is necessary to increment training on headaches in specializing residence programs for Pediatricians.

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