Attitudes and knowledge of headache physicians towards temporomandibular disorders

Publicado na 1ª edição de 2009

Objective: To observe the attitudes and the knowledge of the headache specialists towards the Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) and Orofacial Pain odontological specialty, as well as, the referral of the patients who had eventually sought for them due to a complaint probably related to TMD. Method: The participants were enrolled among the members of the Brazilian Headache Society. An e-mail was sent to the participants linked to an internet page where there were three questions. The first question asked to what professional a patient with an orofacial pain complaint and diagnosis hypothesis of TMD would be referred; the second asked that if the professional referred in the previous response would be a dentist, what would be the specialty; and the third asked what procedure would be expected to be performed by the dentist. Results: 240 emails were sent, however 60 (25%) returned a nonexistent address. Finally, 180 emails were considered valid. The response's percentage was 27.22%. Conclusions: The participants identified the dentist as the professional prepared for diagnosing and treating TMD. However, only a third of the professionals seemed to know the TMD and Orofacial Pain odontological specialty, and the majority mistakenly correlated TMDs treatment to dental occlusion correction.

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