Migraine, Dizziness and Motion Sickness: Are we going in straight lines?

Marcelo M Valença, Mario F P Peres

     In these edition, Headache Medicine brings two articles about the relation of migraine with common symptoms reported by patients, dizziness and motion sickness, leading to important management dilemmas. A nice report from Argentina (1), researchers from Fleni Hospital in Buenos Aires showed motion sickness not only occurring unrelated to migraine but also as a trigger of headache attacks.

     Another study done by Turbino et al (2) in 143 patients diagnosed with vestibular migraine in a tertiary headache center observed associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, osmophobia, tinnitus, motion sickness higher in migraine with aura patients.

     What are the lines between those symptoms? Do we have same genetic backgrounds, same underlying mechanisms? Which brain structures are involved? Is the cerebellum, the vestibular system, thalamus, hypothalamus, or cerebral cortex affected? Can we classify those patients in a different way? How are we going to treat headaches with dizziness and or motion sickness?

     We still have more questions than answers in this topic, hopefully more studies will come so we better understand it.


Marcelo M Valença

Mario F P Peres


  1. Olivier, M et Motion Sickness in Headache Patients. Headache Medicine, 2019 10(2): 56-59
  2. Turbino, A et Accompanying symptoms in vestibular migraine. Headache Medicine, 2019 10(2): 51-55